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Peek-A-Book is an innovative system that inspires children to explore the library’s collection and take full advantage of its resources. Dynamic audio-visual presentations highlight the content of books and reference materials, teach children where to find them, and empower them to acquire valuable learning skills.


Eye-catching kiosks with an interactive touchscreen interface make learning about the library an exciting experience. Delightful puppet characters guide children through the system’s features.




Subscribers have unlimited access to our ever-expanding content library. New book talks are added every month and are selected based upon quality and popularity with libraries nationwide. In addition, Peek-A-Book offers a variety of educational puppet shows, treasure hunts, and other presentations to help children learn about the library and its reference materials. CLICK HERE for the latest content selections.

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The Peek-A-Book Club is a special area where children can earn points for books they've read, master important library skills, and watch a fun educational puppet show. Click the image to the left to view screen shots.

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The number of visits to Peek-A-Book is automatically tracked by day, week and month, as well as the number of book presentations viewed and those that are most popular. Information is presented online in easy-to-view graphs and charts. Clients can program the content for their kiosks from our online content library.

A variety of display options are available:

Space Saver Kiosk

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Bookshelf Kiosk

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For details on how to purchase Peek-A-Book for your library, please call us toll free at 877-304-2424.